Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coffee Filter Garland

I have been wanting to make a coffee filter garland ever since I saw the ones from Pam Garrison http://pamgarrison.typepad.com/ , so a few weeks ago I coffee dyed (didn't have and tea bags LOL) a pile of coffee filters and began! Pam used lots of different papers but I just used coffee filters on this one. I strung them on my trusty hemp string and then hung it across my new favorite piece of furniture the china cabinet I found on craigslist for 100 dollars! This garland was too much fun to make and oh so cheap too! Got a bunch more coffee filters ready to go for more garlands I am thinking of a really long one maybe for Christmas! Been making other things with the coffee filters too but will save those for later!



Mama Holli said...

This is sooo very clever!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!
Mama Holli

Twice Remembered said...

It's beautiful - it has such a sweet, vintage feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

{ L } said...

Seriously??!! This is too cool!! Thank you so much for sharing.